Turmoil in Middle East

February 24, 2011

The turmoil in the Arab world is reminding me of the fall of the Iron Curtain. Communism was a major obstacle to the spread of the gospel in the Soviet Union as well as eastern Europe for many years after WWII. Yet what seemed to be an impenetrable barrier was broken and removed with little bloodshed very quickly from 1989-92.

I think we are living in a similar time, when the barriers imposed by Islam are being shaken. This shaking may be messy, but this is an answer to the prayers of many intercessors who have been praying for the Muslim world. These regime changes may provide wonderful opportunities for fruitful ministry for those who are called and willing to serve God in missions.

My sermon this Sunday is “Interpreting the Dreams of Life” from Genesis 37, and 39-50. This is the story of Joseph, one of the patriarchs of Israel. There are many parallels between the life of Joseph and the life of Christ. Joseph was a righteous, moral man who was sold for silver by his jealous brothers. Joseph’s betrayal ultimately led to many lives being saved. What his brothers meant for evil, God used for good.

There are three sets of two dreams each that dramatically impacted Joseph’s life. These dreams gave Joseph hope in dark times and ultimately led to his divine destiny. There are significant lessons we can learn about how God works in our lives as we study the life of Joseph. We all go through difficult trials sooner or later. At times God gives those who are filled with the Spirit dreams and visions which can help guide and encourage us as we fulfill our divine destiny.

We will be looking at a lot of scriptures this Sunday. If you take the time to read them in advance they can enrich your life with understanding.

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