South Africa with fresh prawns dripping in butter!

April 29, 2011

When I was young I used to be afraid that three things would happen if I really gave my life to the Lord. I thought I would have to live a celibate life, wear black shirts with white collars and be sent to Africa. One day when I was nineteen and wrestling with the celibacy issue, my Catholic Godfather recommended that I consider becoming an Episcopal priest so I could get married someday. His suggestion helped expand my thinking about what it means to be a priest of God.
Years later one of our dear friends married a Catholic man, and I shared in their ceremony in his church. I couldn’t help but laugh along with some of my friends who saw me walk down the aisle in the robes of a priest.
Today, Kristina and I are in Cape Town, South Africa. After three flights, one of which was 15 hours nonstop from Atlanta to Johannesburg, we are staying with Floyd and Sally McClung. I will be speaking at a conference for the leaders of their All Nations church planting network which works in many southern African nations.
One by one, I have found that things I have feared lose their power when I trust the Lord. Jesus does not sentence us to a life of boring confinement, or of reckless abandon. Our Father in heaven wants us to be free from the fear of man and the fear of death. When we obey his word we are sometimes led into situations which we would never expect or chose. I continue to discover that obedience to God does not bring punishment, but blessing.
Kristina and I would appreciate your prayers that we will be bold and effective as we preach and teach about Christ and God’s kingdom in the days to come.
David Stockton is starting a new teaching series from the book of Exodus this weekend at Living Streams in our Saturday night and Sunday morning services. I’ll look forward to giving you a report from our trip when we get home in two weeks.

Love in Christ, Mark

PS. Prawns have little to do with this message, but I just had to put them in somewhere because they are just incredible here!~ Kristina 🙂

2 Responses to “South Africa with fresh prawns dripping in butter!”

  1. Marian Hamilton Says:

    Mark & Kristina, ENJOY every moment that they LORD gives you in South Africa. I pray that you both will be used mightily for HIS work and in HIS strength while you are there. GOD BLESS! xxMarian

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