Cape News by Kristina

May 2, 2011

South Africa is a beautiful land. We are staying in a guest suite in Floyd and Sally McClung’s home outside of Cape Town in a village called Kommetjie. Their home faces the ocean and is swept by the sea breezes.

Last night Mark and I joined the McClungs in a monthly leadership meeting with men and women who have house churches and fellowships. Several drove for over an hour to be part of the fellowship and teaching which Floyd led.  The discussion was rich and insightful. Black, white and colored (which is an acceptable term here) joined in mutual admiration and respect for each other’s ministry.

On the way home we dropped off several fellows who live in a village called Masi. The level of poverty was very evident. As today is a national holiday, the streets were filled last night with men, women and small children milling about.  There were open fires as it is winter here. A section of Masi is called the Wetlands. It is filled with shacks that are about 8×8 feet in size made with many types of material for shelter. It is primitive at best. Thousands of people are packed into a very small area. Some of Floyd’s leaders live in the Wetlands.

When we awoke this morning Mark and I learned that a fire swept through the Wetlands last night. As the day went on we learned that over 800 “homes” or shacks were destroyed. There have been fires there before but never this large or devastating. Over 3000 people lost all that they owned except for the clothes on their backs and what they could grab.  Their little food, hidden belongs, blankets are all gone. Remember, it is the beginning of winter here. The evenings are cold.

Floyd and Sally’s team are focused on obtaining shelter for their leaders and their families as well as members of their fellowship. The community churches will aid in assistance. Fortunately, All Nations has a ministry base called Africa House, which will serve as a rescue mission for the time being.

Mark and I have heavy hearts for some of our new friends. When we all serve the same King, it is so easy to fall in love with fellow workers for His kingdom!

It is reassuring to see that God has placed and prepared All Nations and Floyd and Sally McClung for such a time as this. Life will be extremely difficult for many right now, but the believers here are rallying around to help in any way they can.

Thank you for your prayers at this time. We can feel them! ~ Kristina

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