Kristina on Baboons & Cape Hope

May 3, 2011

Baboons and Cape Hope
We took a little detour the other day and drove up the mountain to Cape Hope. It has a working Lighthouse on its point. However, it has been a failure since it was built well intentionally high up on this little mountain like cliff. It is so high up that clouds and sea mist often block its ray of light. There is a message in that I think. I’ll let you figure it out. After the Portuguese liner Lusitania ran aground on 18 April 1911, it had a secondary light installed further down and closer to the ship’s line of sight.
We also saw some baboons raiding an ostrich farm for eggs. The ostriches can take care of themselves but these baboons are brazen. We were warned by the park service not to feed them as they become very aggressive. A person is actually endangering them by feeding them since they may have to be shot if they get out of hand. So of course we catch someone feeding them. After a little bit of horn honking the man stopped, but I have the distinct feeling it won’t be his last time. (No, it was not Mark!)
Since we are staying for the first few days with Sally and Floyd McClung, we have Baboon considerations at the house. Occasionally, a little troop of them with come for a visit and make a mess of things. All the garbage cans have special lids and you can’t leave anything out. They are like mean, giant squirrels that have no concept of “personal space.” The ones at the zoo seem so polite. Who knew?

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