Sunday Preview ~ September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011

This weekend we will celebrate the 27th anniversary of Living Streams. I will be speaking in our Saturday night and Sunday morning services this weekend. The message is called “Lessons from 27 years at Living Streams.”

Kristina and I had already helped to plant churches in San Rafael, Novato and Vallejo, CA before we moved to Phoenix in 1984. Those churches had grown and helped to launch churches in Petaluma, San Francisco, Sonoma, London and Mexico City as well. Even though the Lord sort of dragged me to Phoenix due to our son’s asthma, I came with a lot of confidence about how to establish and lead a healthy church.

I did not know much about the culture differences between Phoenix and Northern California when we arrived. I also had a lot to learn about leading a church in a healthy way. Early this week, I made a list of some of these lessons and I was going to simply read them off at the beginning of my message. As I looked at the list, I felt like it would be a good anniversary message. These are simple, practical truths, some of which I have learned the hard way, that I believe will be helpful to you in life and ministry.

One of the greatest treasures of my life is the people of Living Streams. You are God’s people, and it is my privilege to serve Jesus with each of you.

One Response to “Sunday Preview ~ September 22, 2011”

  1. God bless you – ALWAYS – Mark & Kristina! wow – 27 years – the Lord is in the work & you are both flourishing TOGETHER as Living Streams continues to be a vibrant, loving ministry. Love to you both,

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