Sunday Preview

December 1, 2011

Last week Kristina and I were in California to do some ministry and celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. My grandsons Matisse, five years old, and Soren, two years old, were scheduled to run in a one mile Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving morning. When I found out that it was supposed to rain, I suggested that I would take the boys out to breakfast so their parents could still run the 10K race. Phil and Moriah both looked at me as if I had suggested skipping church on Easter. “They will be running in the race. It is only rain,” they told me. So I carried an umbrella and ran the mile race along the hillside trail with Soren. He ran with a huge smile, stopping only once to look at a worm along the trail, which took a minute off his time. He won his age group, since there were no other two-year-olds running. Soren and Matisse run with joy. Their parents both love to run. Moriah’s dad, Walter, regularly takes her on 10-15 mile runs in the hills of Marin County. Running is in their family DNA.
Jesus was a man of prayer. Prayer was his connection to his Father in Heaven. Prayer was not a chore for Jesus, it brought him refreshing, insight and connection with his Father. If Christ is in you, then prayer is part of your DNA as well. Prayer should not be a chore, but an opportunity for you to connect with your Father in heaven and experience grace that will inspire and encourage you. I’m looking forward to sharing a message this weekend at Living Steams called, “Prayer that Leads to a Blessing” from Luke 11. I’ll be praying that you will receive a revelation about prayer that will enable you to experience the fullness of our Father’s love for you in the days to come.

One Response to “Sunday Preview”

  1. precious story. We love Walter and his lovely children and your mutual grandchildren. We love our wonderful Lord and are so thankful for the opportunity to commune with Him.
    Praise God!!! Stephen and Lauren Allegra

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