Sunday Preview

December 9, 2011

My message this Sunday is called, “Prayer that Leads to Blessing – Part II” from Luke 11. Last week my message focused on the five parts of the Lord’s prayer in Luke 11. This prayer includes our Heavenly Father’s name being hallowed, God’s kingdom coming, receiving our daily bread, forgiving others, and being led away from temptation.

This week we will see how Jesus teaches that the Holy Spirit is the key to these prayers being answered. I have been praying the Lord’s Prayer since I was a child and studying these scriptures for years, but I had never seen the connection between the Lord’s Prayer and the Holy Spirit until this last week. The revelation that came to me is that Jesus teaches about the Holy Spirit in Luke 11 because the Spirit is the one who enables the Lord’s prayer to be fulfilled in our lives.

This passage also has a parable in which Jesus teaches us to be bold when we come before our Father in heaven. If we believe we can trust Jesus, then we can be bold before the throne of God. If we believe our world has a big need for the Kingdom of God to come and his will to be done, then we must be bold when we come before our Father in Heaven. We are called to be a people who will bring glory to God because we are filled with the Holy Spirit. God wants us to be bold in our prayer and our proclamation of the good news about Jesus. Let’s pray together this week that many people will have breakthroughs and be transformed by the Lord as we gather for worship at Living Steams this week.

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