Sunday Preview

January 5, 2012

My sermon this Sunday is called “Interceding for a Breakthrough” from Daniel 9. Daniel was stuck in Babylon as a slave along with the people of Israel. He was studying the Scriptures one day when he realized Jeremiah had prophesied that the people of Israel were going to spend seventy years of captivity in Babylon as punishment for their sin. Daniel began to fast and pray, confessing the sins of Israel and interceding for the Lord to release Israel from captivity. In the midst of his prayer time the angel Gabriel came and gave him a dramatic revelation about the future.

When I study the scriptures I see a vision of the Kingdom of God. I see the churches in unity being led by apostles and prophets. I see people filled with the Holy Spirit using the gifts of God as they proclaim the good news of the gospel. I also must confess that we are stuck in captivity to a lifestyle which is far less than the glory of God’s kingdom. I hope you will read Daniel 9 this week and look at how Daniel identified with the people’s sin as he interceded for a breakthrough.

If we are going to have breakthroughs in our families, in our church and in our nation, it will not come as a result of us being more critical of the mistakes of others. Breakthroughs will come as we see in the Scriptures what God wants to do and unite our lives to fulfill His will. We are humbling ourselves the first twenty-five days of January with fasting, prayer and worship so that we will see God’s Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

4 Responses to “Sunday Preview”

  1. Stephen and I loved hearing about your prayer and fasting and we sat down after dinner and read Daniel 9. then we got down on our knees and prayed for Living Streams and Church of the Open Door that we can, confess all of our sins and become clean so that we can enter your mighty throne room and hear what you would like us to know. God Bless Pastor Buckley.

  2. Betsy Brezel Says:

    Thanks Mark for your posts. I took your advice and have been fasting and praying since Jan 2 . I’m sorry I can’t come to church since I’m up here in Washington but I will read Daniel 9 and look forward to more posts to come.
    Betsy Brezel

  3. Francesca Says:

    Sounds like a good word. Think I might just dive into Daniel this weekend myself! Thanks brother Mark.

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