Sunday Preview

January 19, 2012

My sermon this Sunday is called “The Great War” from Daniel 10. The people of Israel were floundering and Daniel was mourning, so he started a unique fast. For twenty-one days he abstained from meat, wine and tasty food. Then one day Daniel had a spectacular vision of the Lord. The Lord gave Daniel insights into a great spiritual war going on in the heavenly realm between the Lord, his angels, and demonic princes. He was also given understanding about wars that would soon change the course of nations. This chapter helps us understand why our prayers seem to be hindered at times, and what is happening in the unseen heavenly realm that affects us all.

Our prayer teams have been interceding for the many requests that have been posted on the “Wailing Wall” in our sanctuary. We are all prone to overindulgence in things that diminish our spiritual sensitivity. Many people have given up sweets and alcohol for these twenty-five days. Some have let go of TV and other distractions. Others have gone on complete fasts for entire days or longer. Ultimately, the purpose of these fasts will not be found in what we let go of, but in what we embrace. We are being drawn to seek the Lord and embrace His grace. We will celebrate the breakthroughs that come after our fasting season ends next Wednesday. Some of us will have specific prayers answered in the days to come. All of us will be able to experience a deeper relationship with the Lord who loves us, and continues to reveal himself to us.

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