Sunday Preview

June 14, 2012

This Sunday is Father’s Day and my sermon is called, “Becoming a Spiritual Father.”

One of the greatest joys in most people’s lives is the birth of their first child. When I first saw my son appear on the day of his birth, I was filled with a great love and overwhelmed with thankfulness to God. Not every person gets the blessing of becoming a parent, but every believer can become a spiritual parent.

Spiritual fathers love and care for specific members of God’s family. We help our spiritual sons and daughters grow in the grace and knowledge of God. We walk with them through the trials and temptations which come to all of us while we are getting established in our faith. My dad brought both blessings and challenges to me while I was growing up. In some ways he was a great example of love and encouragement. In other ways he wrestled with confusion and depression which hindered his relationship with all of his children. The same can be said about my pastor, who was my first spiritual father. He brought both great blessings and great trials into my life.

Our desire at Living Steams is to be a healthy church which equips believers for ministry and missions. A healthy church needs good spiritual fathers. Both men and women, young and old, can fulfill this precious ministry to the people of God. I’m hoping this message on Sunday will give you vision and clarity on one of the most important roles you will fulfill in your life.

One Response to “Sunday Preview”

  1. Alan heller Says:

    It seems to be very important to identify with our Heavenly Father, especially when we did not have a good model of an earthly father.
    Our Heavenly Father can help fill the emotional,physical,and spiritual gaps left by earthly fathers.
    My dad gave me much but in the Spiritual and emotional areas of life. I draw upon Gods word and other Godly men to help here.
    Happy Fathers day.

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