Sunday Preview

August 9, 2012

One afternoon in Santa Rosa this summer, my friend, Mark Meyers, pointed to the sky and showed me a row of five white, spiral clouds with flat tops that looked as if they had been sculpted by the hand of God. Each of the clouds had identical columns, equally spaced and shaped like giant, carved sentinels. I told Mark that if a painter had painted clouds like that people would say that they were obviously fake; because clouds just don’t have identical shapes. Yet there they were, majestically floating by in a silent parade, testifying to us that sometimes God creates things that are so special they seem unbelievable. I think their Latin name is altocumulus castelanus—or just awesome in plain English.

That is the way it is with the Gospel. It is so spectacular that many people feel it is too good to be true. God chooses people like us who haven’t done anything to deserve his love. He reveals Jesus Christ to us. When we turn to Christ, God forgives our sins, fills us with the Holy Spirit, empowers us with grace, provides for all our needs, and opens the doors of heaven so we can live in eternal glory when we die. This reality doesn’t seem fair to many people who struggle to figure out what life is all about. But that is the reality we live in.
My sermon this Sunday morning is called, “The Glorious Gospel” from I Timothy 1:11-19. We will look at both God’s part and our part in the plan to redeem and restore people to the glory of God. I hope you will pray with me for a blessing of grace and revelation to come upon everyone at Living Streams this weekend.

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