Sunday Preview

September 6, 2012

My sermon this Sunday is called, “Challenges Believers Face in the End Times.” This will not be a comprehensive study of all end time challenges, but a look at specific warnings from the Spirit in 1 Timothy 4.

The Apostle Paul told Timothy that people would fall away from the faith because of the influence of the doctrine of demons. These teachings would come through hypocritical liars who have seared consciences. The deceiving teachers would forbid marriage and certain foods which were created by God to be received with thanksgiving. This chapter is a warning to protect believers from false teaching which is contrary to true faith.

Most of us know people who have fallen away from their faith. It is heartbreaking when people we love no longer share the joy of salvation and the blessings of fellowship. Many people today have confusion about marriage and about which foods God wants them to eat. They are vulnerable to manipulation because they don’t understand God’s truth in these basic areas of life. Instead of enjoying these simple blessings and pleasures of life, they are confused and misled so that what was intended to be a blessing becomes bondage instead. Both marriage and food are given to us by God to be a blessing and bring us joy. Our demonic enemies attack people in the very areas of life that God created to bring legitimate pleasures. Our responsibility and privilege as disciples is to know the truth so we can help others know the blessings of God.

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