Sunday Preview

September 13, 2012

My sermon this Sunday is “The Calling of a Christian” from 1 Timothy 4:7-16. In these verses the Apostle Paul lays out the simple truths that will allow Timothy to be a fruitful and effective disciple.

Discipline is required for every disciple. We have to train ourselves to put God’s kingdom first in our lives. It isn’t always easy to turn off the TV or computer to spend time with the Lord. It is not easy to walk away from temptations and seek the Kingdom of God. However, the Lord rewards those who seek him and his reward is worth more than every sacrifice we make.

As tensions in the Middle East increase and the political campaigns heat up, I’m reminded why we need to pray for our leaders. We need to ask God for wisdom for our current leaders and for clarity about who should serve our state and nation in the future. Only the Lord knows the problems our nation will face in the years to come. America’s financial challenges, as well as our international relationships, are increasing in complexity.

When people are perplexed, there is an opportunity for those who know and serve the God of wisdom and grace to declare his truth. We are focusing our teaching on discipleship so everyone at Living Streams will be equipped to share the good news of Christ to this generation.

One Response to “Sunday Preview”

  1. I pray a blessing over you and your speaking this Sunday. May He encourage your heart and the heart of those you love.

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