Sunday Preview

October 5, 2012

       I hope you had a chance to watch the presidential debates Wednesday night. I think it is a healthy process for candidates to face each other and debate the issues that challenge our nation. I found it fascinating that after the debate, I heard both liberal and conservative news commentators on Fox, CNN, MSNBC and ABC all come to the same conclusion about who had the best presentation, preparation and passion, even though they don’t all agree with his policies. It was refreshing to hear those honest assessments of the debate, especially because I often hear accusations that commentators are biased and slant the news to support their presuppositions. I’m not endorsing a candidate, and I don’t think all the wisdom on the issues abides in one candidate or party. At this critical time in our history we need to pray for God to give us righteous and wise leaders. We also need to participate in the political process by voting, and then support whoever wins with our prayers.
        My sermon this Sunday is called, “Healthy Church Boundaries” from I Timothy 5. Churches, families and governments are each institutions established by God with different roles and responsibilities. Each institution needs to stay within the boundaries of their mission, otherwise they create dysfunction rather than bring blessing. In I Timothy 5, the Apostle Paul helps Timothy understand the distinction between the responsibility of the family and the responsibility of the church in caring for people in need. We want each of our members to fulfill their responsibilities to their families, the church, and the government in a healthy way. The Word of God can give us light so we can be wise and fruitful in these critical areas of life.

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