Sunday Preview ~

December 1, 2012

     On Thanksgiving I saw Jessi (Heller) Parker for the first time since her recent wedding to Luke Parker, our college pastor. I have known her since 1992 when she was a child and the Heller family started coming to Living Streams.

     “Are you living happily ever after?” I asked her. She responded by giving me a big hug and a smile. Jessi has stayed faithful in following Jesus and her joy is very evident. It is wonderful to see God’s blessing when someone waits for the right person and builds their marriage on the word of God.

     I want God’s blessing and joy for everyone at Living Streams. I also realize that not everyone will be married, and some of our members are struggling with unique challenges in their marriages. My message this Sunday is called, “Living Happily Ever After” from Ephesians 5:21-33.  When I first read this passage about marriage in 1970, I wondered how it could possibly be applied in today’s world. Now, after almost forty years of marriage and pastoral ministry, I’m convinced that the truths we will be discussing can bring God’s blessings to everyone who applies them in their marriage.        

     I hope you will be praying for our services this weekend. When we meet the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit, wonderful grace comes into our lives.

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