Sunday Preview

December 7, 2012

Great coaches produce winning teams by bringing the best performances out of their players. Other teams like the Yankees or the Philadelphia Eagles, who have some of the highest paid players in baseball and football, do not necessarily win the World Series or the Super Bowl. College football teams like USC who consistently have one of the highest-rated recruiting classes, do not always play well together or fulfill their potential. We are not pro athletes and few of us are coaches, but we each have a significant influence in the lives of our families and the people we work with. Bringing out the best in each other is one of the greatest opportunities we have in life.

My sermon this Saturday night and Sunday morning is called, “Releasing the Potential of Your Family,” from 1 Peter 2:19-3:7. These Scriptures give instructions to husbands and wives that can give us wisdom to help bring out the full potential of our family and coworkers. We don’t want relationships that are stagnant or counterproductive. We want to keep growing in wisdom and knowledge so that we glorify God in all we do.

Please pray that we will meet with the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit as we gather for worship this weekend.

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