Sunday Preview

January 11, 2013

Yesterday, I had a discipleship group followed by a pastor’s meeting that lasted most of the day. During the meetings, my phone vibrated with messages and texts. At home last night, I had many e-mails from friends and members of Living Streams. Most of the messages said “Happy Birthday” and many were accompanied by blessings from the Lord. It was humbling and heart warming to receive so many precious messages. I am a privileged man to be blessed with great friends and such a loving church.

I was reminded of a story about a man on his first safari in Africa. The safari group was walking for several miles through the jungle at a fast pace when suddenly the men carrying the camp equipment stopped and sat down. “What’s wrong? Are you tired?” He asked the men who were now sitting quietly on a log.

“We are not tired. We are letting our souls catch up with our bodies.” One of the men replied.

I like that concept. I want to sit quietly for awhile today so that the blessings of God, sent from the hearts and prayers of my friends can catch up to me.

As we conclude the first week of our January “Fast, Pray, Grow” emphasis, I hope some of the blessings of God are starting to catch up with you. Everyone will have another opportunity to add growth opportunities, and delete food or distractions from their lives as we continue to draw near to God together.

I’m looking forward to being with many of you on Sunday in our services. In the meantime, may you discover that the One who is pursuing you loves you so deeply, that you can trust him completely, and rest in his presence.

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