Sunday Preview

March 28, 2013

On Tuesday, our pastors went out two by two to the shopping centers, parks and neighborhoods near the Living Streams campus to invite people to join us for our Easter services. Luke Parker and I were having a great talk with one man at a bus stop on 7th St. When the bus arrived, the guy suddenly said that he had left his bus pass at home and asked if we would pay his fare. When he offered to pay us back, I told him it was a gift. Minutes later, he rode happily away on the bus, and we were six dollars lighter for the experience. I don’t know if we were “taken for a ride,” so to speak, or not. I do know that the Lord offers us all far greater riches than a bus fare if we become disciples.

Our pastors reported a number of good contacts with people from the outreach. On Easter many of our members will be bringing family, friends or neighbors they have been praying for, and other visitors will come on their own. I’m hoping we will offer a loving welcome to everyone who joins us for worship. I am feeling stirred by the Holy Spirit with a sense that the Lord will reveal himself to people who come seeking him on Easter. This past Sunday one lady, on her first visit to Living Streams, approached me with tears in her eyes and said that for the first time in her life she had encountered Jesus during our service. That is what we hope and pray everyone will experience.

May this be the year that the deepest desires of your heart are fulfilled.

One Response to “Sunday Preview”

  1. Lauren McMills Says:

    Beautiful Mark! Thank you Lauren and Stephen Allegra

    Sent from my iPhone

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