Sunday Preview

April 5, 2013

My heart is still full of thanksgiving about good things that happened on our campus during Easter weekend. We had nearly two thousand people attend our four services. On Saturday night there were a number of teenagers who attended the service from three foster care group homes. Several of these young people joined many others in responding to David Stockton’s invitation to open their hearts to Christ and become disciples. It has been very encouraging to see grace poured out on people responding to our altar calls in the past several weeks.

This Sunday my sermon is called “The King of the Kingdom of Heaven” from Matthew 20:1-16. I hope to show how this parable is connected to Christ’s teaching in Matthew 19:13-29 as well. In this parable Jesus gives insights into the heart of our Father in Heaven.

When I was a young boy I learned that the key to having a good time at my friends’ houses was understanding their parents. If the parents were generous and kind, then it was a good place to play and there were probably going to be snacks as well. If my friends’ parents liked me, I was going to be welcome in their houses. I tried to stay on the good side of the ones who held the power in the house.

Jesus told his disciples that he was giving them the keys to the kingdom of heaven. The most important key of all is an understanding of the heart of the King of Heaven. I hope this message will help you to know who the Lord really is, not just what people wish him to be.

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