Sunday Preview

April 26, 2013

In the aftermath of the distressing events in Boston last week, I was blessed to hear some good reports. Last Sunday we dedicated a baby, Pilar Lujan, to the Lord. Her parents had prayed for ten years to have a child before she was born. Pilar’s mother Cynthia finished running the Boston Marathon one minute before the explosions went off. Pilar was originally going to be at finish line with her dad Jon, but they decided to stay back at the hotel until the race was over.

John Leggat, our outreach pastor, comes from Massachusetts. John has been praying for the salvation of his sister Janet who has lived in Boston for thirty years. Last Thursday Janet, who was very distressed by the bombings and disruption in Boston, prayed with John and gave her life to Christ.

Over a hundred women from Living Streams went on a retreat last weekend. There were several wonderful physical and emotional healings that took place on the retreat, for which we are very thankful.

My sermon this Sunday is called, “A Parable for the Last Days” from Matthew 25:1-13. In Matthew 24 Jesus teaches about the last days. He describes worldwide turmoil, persecution and trials coming upon mankind before his triumphant return. In his parable about wise and foolish virgins, Jesus teaches the importance of being prepared for the challenges of living in the last days. The times in which we are living have great challenges and great opportunities for followers of Christ. I think this message will give you some wisdom and insight into how to live your life for Christ in a way that will enable you to bear good fruit and bring glory to God.

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