Sunday Preview

May 12, 2013

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I’m expecting our services to be a blessing for everyone who attends. Our mothers have a powerful influence on each of us. A good mother loves her children and pays attention to them. She is concerned about every aspect of their lives. She wants her children to develop their gifts and talents to their full potential.

The key to each of us having a powerful influence on others can be found in the ways mothers impact their children. If we care about someone enough to listen to them, serve them, pray for them, and invest our lives in their success, we will have a powerful, positive impact on them.

My sermon this Sunday is called “Maximizing Your Influence” from Matthew 25:14-30. In this parable about the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus tells us that we are each given some of his wealth to invest until he returns. If we invest the gifts and talents he gives us wisely, we will be rewarded with joy and an inheritance prepared for us from the beginning of time. If we are selfish, lazy and refuse to invest the treasure the Lord has given us, we will be cast into a place of darkness where there is great sadness and frustration.

Like a good parent who is concerned only about the welfare of his child, Jesus always tells the truth boldly and fearlessly. The truths we will be looking at this Sunday have the power to transform our lives, maximize our influence, and bring us great blessings.

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