Sunday Preview

May 16, 2013

My sermon this Sunday is called, “The Focus of a Blessed Man” from Matthew 25:31-46. In this teaching about the day of judgment, Jesus tells his disciples to focus on meeting the needs of other disciples. Jesus is not telling us to meet the needs of every poor or hurting person on earth, but specifically to help other disciples when they are strangers, sick, in prison, hungry, thirsty, or in need of clothes. I hope to bring some clarity and balance in this teaching so we fulfill this ministry and experience the blessing the Lord has prepared for us.

After our service this Sunday I’ll be flying to California to speak at a missions rally and retreat, and then I’ll begin my sabbatical later next week. I’m looking forward to a season of seeking the Lord, resting, reading and writing. I hope this season will prepare me to serve the Lord and Living Streams in the years to come with more wisdom and grace than ever. I’m not planning to respond to ministry requests beginning next Wednesday until our men’s retreat in August. Kristina and I would appreciate your prayers during this season and we will certainly be praying for everyone at Living Streams.

I have a wonderful expectation that we will be experiencing some fruitful ministry in the days to come. In our discipleship group this morning the men each shared some goals for the coming months. I hope you have a goal of drawing near to Jesus and letting God use you to share his word and his love with others this summer. Even though we haven’t even left yet, I’m already looking forward to being back at Living Streams in August and sharing with you the gifts and treasures the Lord puts in our hearts.

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