A Message from David Stockton – July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013

There are some phrases I have heard lately that invoke some strong emotions in me. My uncle just told me he caught ten 20-inch trout and wanted me to come and fish with him. Woohoo! My daughter just told me that she likes Mommy better than me. Ah man… These phrases stir up the fisherman and dad parts of my life. The pastor part of me has been thrilled to hear these next two phrases from a few people recently: “I could sense there was something different the moment I came into the church;” and “I have learned more in the short time I have been at Living Streams than I have in the past 40 years of my life.” These phrases get me pumped up.

I am so grateful to be a part of a spiritual family that exudes the presence of God and hungers to learn and grow. I pray that we would make every effort to love on and pay attention to the people that Jesus is bringing our way. I hope that this weekend each and everyone of us will take the initiative to strike up a conversation with someone we don’t know but find ourselves sitting by. Not just a “hi” or a handshake, but a genuine interest in knowing who they are and what treasure Jesus has placed inside them. Our worship pastor, Jay Murphy, continues to remind us that we are all priests who carry the presence of God. So let’s bless His heart by sharing His loving kindness within and without the walls of our church.

I will be sharing this Sunday morning the same message I shared last Saturday Night. The title is The Four Loves and Homosexuality and the Scripture is 1 Samuel 18. On Saturday night, Jared Utterback will be preaching out of 1 Samuel 18 as well.

Have a great end to your week and, since today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday, I thought I would end with a great quote of his:

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew that if I did not leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”

David Stockton       

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