A Message from Joel Fritz

July 25, 2013

A few years back, I remember walking through life with a man who was struggling in his marriage. He had been married for 15 years, but had grown weary of how much he and his wife argued. They had simply grown apart over the years, each of them blaming the other for the disconnect they were feeling. Eventually, another option for the man presented itself in a woman he felt a wonderful connection with. It seemed like love. So, he chose to leave the pain and frustration behind and try again with another woman. After his divorce he was remarried, but the story has no happy ending. His second marriage failed in six months. The decision to leave his family left him alone and with two children who are still torn to pieces over their father’s decisions.

When something in life starts out good it’s hard to handle when the going gets tough. I imagine this was especially true for David in the Bible. The prophet Samuel showed up when David was a teenager and told him he would be king of Israel. For the next several years in his life he experienced one success after another, including the timeless story of defeating Goliath. However, in his twenties David’s life took a harsh turn as he found himself on the run from King Saul and hiding in a cave. What went wrong for him? Hadn’t God started all this in motion?

This weekend I will be preaching a sermon from 1 Samuel 22-24. I call the sermon “In the Cave with Dave.” In it I will ask you to consider at what point in your life you take matters into your own hands. Finding himself in a cave with King Saul, David was given the opportunity to end his years on the run and begin his reign as king. Unlike the man in the story I just shared with you, David refused to take this opportunity, no matter how good it seemed. He knew this was not the option God wanted for him and he was willing to endure more hardship in order to allow God to have his will in his way. In the end God’s will was shown powerfully through this trusting individual. I believe you will be encouraged and challenged this weekend by David’s ability to trust that God is the only one capable of finishing what he starts.

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