A Message from Nathan Bentley

August 8, 2013

While spending the last two weeks in Africa, there became a running a joke amongst the team that, as long as you had worked on a project with a 40% completion rating, then you had done a pretty good job. This idea came from a doctor we got to know in Namibia who let us know that the medical school requires a passing grade of 40%!

Can you believe it? How would you like the physician operating on you to have missed 60% of the answers on your procedure? Scary, right? The truth is, when it comes to something as important as our livelihood we want to know that our lives are in the hands of somebody who is more than capable to complete the procedure with excellence.

In the book of Matthew, Christ calls himself the physician who has come to heal the sick. He is the good physician sent to free the captives, restore sight to the blind, and heal the sick; yet so often as a follower of Christ it can feel as if He is only getting it right 40% of the time. Your prayers for healing, finances, hope, children, work, and friends so often seem to slip through the cracks — missed or ignored by the Good Physician. Then a natural sense of hurt or frustration begins to set in and we begin to move toward our own answers to solve the problem. We see the impending crash coming in the midst of the storm and begin to find out how we can escape; because our Comforter has missed this storm. Perhaps this one was outside His watch because there is no way God’s plan for me is to crash.

Or is it? What do we do when God’s plan is for the crash? I tell you this truth, God foresees everything, his medical school grade was 100%, and nothing gets by Him without His complete knowledge and understanding. The only question left is…how do I respond to the crash?

I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend as we explore these concepts and discover together God’s goodness in the midst of the crash.

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