Sunday Preview

September 26, 2013

My sermon this Sunday is called, “The Blessings of a Radical Disciple.” We know that Jesus told us that we have to pick up our cross and follow him if we are going to be his disciples. There is a significant sacrifice that every believer is called to make as we follow Christ. There are also great blessings that God has for every one of us who become disciples of Christ. Acts 3 begins with a miraculous healing of a lame man at the temple gate Beautiful. As a crowd of people are drawn together by the rejoicing of the man who was healed, Peter preaches to them.

In Acts 3:17-26, I can see at least five blessings Peter mentions that God gives to every disciple who turns to him. I want to challenge you to look closely at these verses and see how many of these blessings you can identify. I would like to have a little contest and see who can identify these blessings before you hear this message. Send me an e-mail at by Saturday 5:00 PM, and list the blessings you see in these verses. If you can see what I can see, I will thank you. If you can see more than the rest of us can see, we will honor and bless you as well.

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