Sunday Preview ~ David Stockton

October 17, 2013

I just returned from a Belize mission trip with ten men from Living Streams and Streams Church. While I was there, my Belizean friend Kenny and I were standing next to a strong, hardened, Belizean man sitting on a workbench at his makeshift tire repair stand. We were talking to him because we sensed Jesus asking us to go and tell the people of Dangriga that their heavenly Father loves them and has good gifts for them.

The conversation was pretty routine. It was a nice conversation, but didn’t seem to be doing much good. We asked if we could pray for him and he obliged. As we were praying we tried to listen and see what gift or word the Father might want to give this man. We did our best to pray God’s heart for him. Then, after Kenny and I finished praying, we looked up and saw huge tears streaming down the face of this strong, hardened man. I don’t know exactly what triggered the waterworks or what melted his dry, calloused heart, but he and his Father do. We ended up hugging and we walked away filled with joy that the message we spoke was not just in word, but in power, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

This weekend we will look at Acts 28 and Acts 1 as we continue the Radical Disciple series. In both chapters we are told that the kingdom of God is preached. We will see what happened when the kingdom of God was preached in the first church’s time and space, what it looked like in Belize, and what it can look like here in Phoenix.

One Response to “Sunday Preview ~ David Stockton”

  1. Bucksprings Says:

    David, I am looking forward to hearing your message. Thanks for the preview!

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