Sunday Preview

October 31, 2013

My message this Sunday is called, “A Strategy for Facing Challenges” from Acts 4:23-31. The Bible does not consist of formulas for success in life. It teaches us that God, who created us, loves us deeply. It teaches us that his son Jesus Christ became a sacrifice for our sins so that we can experience forgiveness, and have eternal life. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. The book of Acts was inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is full of stories about how the apostles faced the challenges of sharing the gospel of Christ in a hostile culture. Even though our assignments from the Lord differ from theirs, we too have responsibility to share the gospel with people today.

Each of us faces challenges with our families, our businesses, our friends, and in our ministries. In my message Sunday, we will see wise things that the apostles did when they faced major challenges. If we take a similar approach in our lives, we can be equipped for whatever challenges we face as well.

I met with a group of men this morning that I have been meeting with for over fifteen years. Each week we help each other to process the challenges we face. We pray together and encourage each other. My prayer is that you too will have relationships which will enrich your life with the wisdom and grace of God, so that you will reign in life through Christ.

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