Sunday Preview

December 12, 2013

I just returned from a fruitful ministry trip to Ecuador, a South American nation in the midst of great transformation. I was able to speak to hundreds of ministry leaders from churches stretching from Guayaquil to Cuenca. In the weeks to come I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of the amazing things I saw the Lord doing in this tropical land.

This Sunday my sermon is called, “A Grace Filled Life” from Luke 1:26-38. This passage tells the story of the angel Gabriel’s visit to a humble Jewish girl named Mary. Mary was told that God had chosen her to be the mother of Jesus. She was initially very disturbed by Gabriel’s message. Her life was about to be turned upside down. She had dedicated herself to being a servant of the Lord, so she chose to cooperate with a plan that was more amazing than she could have ever imagined. Mary was not chosen because she was sinless, beautiful, wealthy or powerful. She was transformed by the grace of God. Her child has brought salvation to the world.

Mary’s life is a pattern for our lives. We too have been chosen by God and transformed by his grace. As we cooperate with God’s plan, Christ is formed in us, and we bring the grace of salvation in Jesus’ name. Let’s pray that the Lord’s presence will be revealed as we come together to worship this weekend. God has great things in store for Living Streams in the days to come.

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