Sunday Preview

January 2, 2014

I want to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope you had a great Christmas. I was blessed by our Christmas Eve services and enjoyed the fellowship with Living Streams and our family afterwards.

This Sunday we are beginning our annual season of fasting in the month of January. Living Streams has been doing this for several years. The first couple of years we were facing major financial challenges as a congregation. Many of our members were also in very difficult circumstances. The Lord blessed us with financial breakthroughs, and gave breakthroughs to many people who participated in our fasting and prayer meetings as well.

Our pastors feel it will be very helpful for Living Streams to continue seeking the Lord intensely to begin the new year. Each of us faces challenges every year that require wisdom, perseverance and grace from God. We will use these next weeks to help get in shape for whatever ministry and mission the Lord wants us to fulfill.

My sermon this Sunday is called, “Why We Fast, Pray and Go.” It is taken from Isaiah 6:1-10. Isaiah had an incredible vision of the Lord. He was also given a very challenging message to speak. We can gain insights into the grace of God, and our lives, as we look closely at this story.

Be praying and thinking about making a commitment to fast as we enter into this new year. We have a great Lord, and He has given us a great opportunity to serve Him.

One Response to “Sunday Preview”

  1. Walk & Talk Says:

    Last year this event was so hard to do cause I was in such a bad place emotionally.
    This year I am prepared and looking forward to what God will do. I pray many will be able to participate in this challenging and helpful discipline, for HIS sake and the church.
    Alan Heller

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