A Message from Mark Buckley

January 9, 2014

Our Fast, Pray, Go season is off to a great start. Many of us are already experiencing blessings from the Lord since we started our fasts. I don’t look forward to sacrificing the pleasures of life; however, I have been surprised by the way the Scriptures have been opening up to me, and how well I have been sleeping since starting a Daniel fast this week.

There is still time for you to join us if you are willing to fast and discipline yourself to start this new year. Simply pray and ask the Lord how he wants you to fast, and what you should embrace. Then obey what the Spirit is leading you to do. Let go of what you need to let go of, and embrace the obedience he puts on your heart.

This weekend we welcome Nathan and Christy Bentley, as Nathan will be guest preaching at Living Streams. Three months ago we sent them from Living Streams to Life Point Church in the San Tan Valley. LifePoint is flourishing under Nathan’s preaching, with attendance growing from 300 to over 400 adults since they arrived there.
David and JJ Heller will sing at our Sunday morning services this weekend. They are recording artists with a nationwide ministry who are longtime members of Living Streams.

I will be preaching at the Open Door Church in American Canyon, ordaining a pastor in San Francisco, and celebrating my birthday and our grandson Soren’s birthday this weekend in Marin County.

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