Sunday Preview

March 13, 2014

The Lord put a message on my heart for this Sunday from Luke 5:1-11 called “A Supernatural Catch.” In this story Jesus told Peter to go into the deep water and put down his nets to catch some fish. Peter was a commercial fisherman who had fished all night without catching anything.

People who say “The worst day fishing is better than the best day working” must have terrible jobs. I love to go fishing, but it’s not much fun when you don’t catch anything. Peter wasn’t fishing for fun, he made his living fishing. Without catching fish, he couldn’t support his family. We know when he was under pressure, Peter could be impulsive, deceitful and a fighter; however, when it came to catching fish, Peter was a pro.

I have had a couple of supernatural fishing experiences over the years which I will share in this message. In supernatural experiences, there is always a bigger message behind the miracle. Jesus asked Peter to do something that made no natural sense to him. When Peter obeyed Jesus, he saw a demonstration of God’s glory and power that humbled him profoundly. We don’t seek miracles to prove the existence of God. God does miracles to bless, provide and reveal himself to those who obey Jesus. I’ll be praying that we will hear what the Spirit is saying to our hearts and cooperate with God’s plan. As we do, we too will see demonstrations of his power and glory, and become effective fishers of men.

Sunday Preview

March 6, 2014

     My sermon this Sunday is called, “The Values of the Kingdom of God” from Proverbs 3. Every family, company and culture has values. The choices we make each day about how to spend our time and money, as well as the way we treat people, reflect our values.  In this message, I will talk about love, faithfulness, trust, honor and wisdom. Each of these values expressed in Proverbs 3 comes with blessings promised by God for those who live by them.
     As Bible students know, Solomon, the author of Proverbs, did not end his life well. In spite of his great insights and wisdom, he made spiritual compromises because he chose wives and concubines who served false gods. Solomon’s heart was ultimately led astray from the Lord God. We too need more than proverbs, principles and platitudes if we are going to overcome the sin in this world. We need the grace that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. The grace of God we receive from Jesus, along with the insights we gain from Scriptures, allow us to bear good fruit in a fallen world. I’m praying that this message will help you receive truth that will set you free.