Easter Sunday Preview

April 17, 2014

   We are preparing for our Good Friday and Easter Services and expect many visitors to our services Saturday night and Sunday morning. I would appreciate your prayers for David and me as we prepare our resurrection messages. We hope everyone will encounter the Spirit of God as we worship, and we want to preach the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.
     My message from Luke 24 is called, “What Did Jesus Do?” After his resurrection Jesus appeared to approximately 520 people over the next forty days. He gave messages, performed miracles and modeled effective ministry. I plan to focus on a ministry model that Jesus demonstrated as He walked the road to Emmaus with two of the disciples.
     Ministry is one of the greatest opportunities we can have in life. Ministry gives us the opportunity to bring the Kingdom of God to others. It allows Christ to work through us to touch people and change their lives. I’m hoping this message will give you insights into how Jesus did ministry so that you will continue to grow and bear much fruit as you follow Him.

Sunday Preview

April 3, 2014

    This weekend we are starting a sermon series called “Risen” in all our services. Throughout the month of April we will focus our messages on the impact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. My first message is called, “Resurrection Instructions” from John 21:1-17. We will look at the challenges the disciples had in recognizing Jesus after his resurrection, the impact of miracles and the specific instructions Jesus gave to his disciples.
     When the disciples responded to the Lord’s direction in John 21, they experienced an incredible miracle. Miracles are usually cooperative endeavors between the Spirit of God and the simple obedience of people.
     It can be a challenge for us to know when the Lord is speaking to us and respond to Him in obedience. We want miracles to occur, but we don’t want to become obsessed with them. If we do respond to the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, our lives can be incredibly fruitful and productive. This message will give you some practical help in fulfilling the primary plan and purpose God has for your life.