Mark Buckley is the senior pastor of Living Streams Church in Phoenix, Arizona. His preaching style is honest, straightforward and even humorous, as he strives to influence people to simply hear and obey the words of Christ.

8 Responses to “About Mark Buckley”

  1. Andrea Cotter Says:

    Dear Buckley Family,

    We are praying for you and expecting God’s power and might, mercy and love to be surrounding you. If there is anything we can do other than pray, add our family to the list of people to call. You are treasured by us, more than you know!

    Andrea Cotter and family

  2. Mary Jane Utterback Says:

    Precious Mark and family,
    As I write you are in the middle of surgery. I believe you are passing through the valley of the shadow of death and are fearing no evil for He, the Lord our Healer is with you. I look forward to hearing all the stories, dreams, visions that the Lord will give you as you go through this “bump in the road.” We love you and believe even greater things are ahead for our body as we stand united in Christ for your healing. Love, Love, you, MaryJane and Bruce

  3. Carol Wise Says:

    Thanks for keeping us all informed of Mark’s status. We love you and pray continually for his recovery and for you and your family.
    Love, Carol

  4. Betsy Brezel Says:

    Love you guys. Keep me posted. Let me know what I can do to help. We are all praying for your recovery here in Washington State. There are more fish to catch, so you better get better.
    Love, Betsy

  5. John and Sharon Stuckey Says:

    We appreciate the frequent postings regarding Mark’s progress. It really helps to know and we are so glad that he is coming along so well. We continue to pray for his recovery and are continuing to pray that they will find the cause of the fevers. Our love, Sharon and John

  6. Rita Guy Says:

    Mark and Kristina

    I enjoy reading the updates on your recovery and your family. Just want you to know we miss you and are praying that your hearts will be filled with hope for the future.

    Rita Guy

  7. Jim & Susie Dubé Says:

    How is it possible that our hearts can be broken and rejoicing at the same time? We grieve for the recent events in Tucson. But, we are grateful you are mending so well…may it be reflected in your next game of golf (or not…no pressure!).
    God bless,
    Jim & Susie

  8. Roy & June Hendy Says:

    Sorry to hear about you body playing up. But your spirit sounds great !!
    We are in process of leaving the community we have lived in for over 30 years. Going to Cornwall to live in a small house by the sea. Family good – Africa, Italy, France, Wales, two in Slough, and one in community.
    You are well remembered by us with great affection.

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