Sunday Preview

February 21, 2013

I want to thank those of you who prayed for me to be healed from the eye infection I have battled for the last two weeks. For six days my eye got worse in spite of prayer, good doctors and lots of medicine. After a painful lancing, it began to heal. By the grace of God I’m a lot better now and looking forward to being with you all this Sunday for our worship services.

My sermon this week is called, “Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven” from Mark 1:9-11 and Matthew 13:44-52. In order to understand these parables we must recognize that Jesus is not talking about heaven as the place you go when you die, because he said, “The Kingdom of heaven is near.” (Matthew 4:17) The kingdom of heaven is a reward that begins here in this world for people who follow Christ.

Every parable Jesus used to describe heaven illuminates the reality of heaven’s blessings. Sometimes Jesus is talking about the power and potential of heaven. Some parables declare the value of the Kingdom of heaven, and others describe the ultimate justice of God. These truths were so precious and deep that Jesus didn’t want unbelievers and scoffers to understand what he was saying. He was revealing things to his disciples that had been hidden from mankind since the beginning of time. As I study these parables the Holy Spirit is showing me things about God’s Kingdom that I have never understood before. One of the great joys of following Christ is the way he can open up new things to each of us as we continue to follow him.

Sunday Preview

February 8, 2013

My sermon this Sunday is called, “Parables that Release
Potential” from Matthew 13:24-43. There are three parables we will look at in this passage that each reveal a different dynamic of the Kingdom of heaven. In these three parables Jesus said that the Kingdom of heaven is like a man, a mustard seed, and leaven. The man Jesus describes has an enemy, yet the man is not unduly disturbed when his enemy sows weeds in his field. This man has wisdom, understanding and compassion. He lets things play out because he has a plan to deal with the enemy and bring blessings to his servants.

I have met some people lately who are sowing little seeds that have tremendous power. I want to tell you a bit about each of them on Sunday because of the impact they made on my life. The Lord has given each of us seeds of truth that have potential to transform people’s lives. If we sow these seeds faithfully we can release the potential of God’s kingdom and reap great rewards. I’m also blessed to have a wife who bakes wonderful bread. The aroma of fresh baked bread fills our house each week. Jesus understood that one secret of great bread is the way the right amount of leaven is worked into the dough.

I’m hoping we have a mix of worship, prayer and the word this weekend in our services that will enrich our lives with a taste of heaven.